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 Corso Cristoforo Colombo 11, Milano


P.IVA 112706550960


our team

Samuela Soldan 

Gallery Coordinator

Virginia Gazzoni

 Art Advisor & Dealer

Stafano Righini

Investor and Co-Owner

Cesare Marsilio

Investor and Trader


The enneft project arises through the synergy of the founders and a shared desire to elevate their skills and ambitions to new opportunities.


Stefano Righini is a passionate entrepreneur from Milan.

Thanks to his foresight and lifelong interest in art, he chooses to approach the innovation and the creativity of the Crypto universe.


Cesare Marsilio, graduated with a Master's degree in Finance, approaches the world of NFTs thanks to his profession as a Trader and to the curiosity towards the BlockChain system.

With decisive prior experience in financial markets, he is involved in data analysis and backtesting. 

Virginia Gazzoni is an Independent Art Advisor who collaborates with multiple entities within digital art.
Following her experience gained in the contemporary art market sector, she specializes in cryptoart and NFts.


Samuela Soldan is a visual art passionate, specialized in the practices of realization, communication and market of contemporary art. As part of the enneft project, she is responsible for the coordination and the management of the gallery. 


The Team manages to operate steadily thanks to the credibility earned among different investors.

The funds they provide enable the production of high-quality content and brand reliability.


The combination of these factors aims to establish a unique project in Italy based on values of honesty and integration, where those who want to express their potential will find the tools to do it.


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