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 Corso Cristoforo Colombo 11, Milano


P.IVA 112706550960

Areas of expertise

Our Goals

>>> Digitize the present to make it more interconnected and capable of expressing the needs and potential of today's society.


>>> Using creative talent to make works that can stimulate emotions and bring innovation.


>>> Leverage blockchain technology to elevate the individual to a real holder of his or her own freedom.

What We Do


Art Consulting

Blockchain Consulting

Through multi-level plans we provide activities aimed at introducing and refining knowledge related to the crypto, NFT and blockchain world.

We act in the field of consulting by placing ourselves as intermediaries of artists and content creators. We also develop ad hoc analyses for the inclusion of these figures within the NFT market.

We conduct special research to identify the best ecosystem where to develop new strategies for our clients including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Web 3.0, NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Company Strategist

Brand Identity & Social Media 

We guide companies in finding the right digital strategy that knows how to include blockchain technology through the most well-known blockchain practices. We determine the best area of application with the ultimate goal of recording organic growth and enabling the entity to develop properly in Web 3.0.

We organize events and take care of the social aspect according to the client's needs. The goal is to use our know-how and networks in order to gain media resonance as well as to take advantage of the interest related to the world of blockchain, which is very topical today.

Our services in detail...

Financial education on cryptocurrency investment


Learning courses:

(3/4 HOURS)


Consultations in art
(Buying, selling, general understanding of subject matter, etc.)

Displaying one's own medium to long term works in gallery spaces

Organization of events, artist vernissages, exhibitions


Delivery and assembly at home of digital frames for NFT

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